KMTEQ’s Tosca for salesforce offers a lightning-fast testing service optimized for your Salesforce Architecture.

Your Salesforce solutions are built for speed and efficiency, and KMTEQ’s Tosca Salesforce automation can help you do the same with your testing. Our Tosca for Salesforce approach focuses on a codeless automation solution that reduces Salesforce testing time while also reducing risks. We deliver the finest continuous testing platform to your Salesforce teams, with robust, reusable automation and the widest support for testing business processes throughout your whole enterprise application ecosystem.

Our Salesforce continuous testing solution automates and optimises testing throughout your platform, allowing you to achieve the most value from your Salesforce products while spending the least amount of time and resources possible.

What does Tosca Salesforce automation bring to your business?


Enterprises can gain the following benefits from Tosca Salesforce automation testing services.

  • Superfast Salesforce testing:

When it comes to Salesforce, we can help you test at lightning speed. Whether you’re building custom solutions or getting ready for the next Salesforce release, we’ve got you covered.

  • AI driven automation approach to testing:

Use an AI-driven, end-to-end continuous testing solution created for Salesforce and beyond to speed up your Salesforce testing process.

  • Future proof your Salesforce system:

Salesforce solutions are always evolving due to seasonal upgrades, minor tweaks, and your own modifications. Our Salesforce automated testing solution addresses the issues that arise during transitions.

Codeless Tosca Salesforce automation for Salesforce Customer 360:

Tricentis Continuous Testing optimizes the testing of custom, 3rd-party, and standard Salesforce applications and data connections, allowing you to take a 360-degree approach to Salesforce testing.

AI Services

AI-assisted Modeling

The AI-powered Salesforce Scan feature from KMTEQ produces a comprehensive automation model of your Salesforce org in less than 60 seconds, saving you hundreds of hours of effort.


Future-proofed Test Cases for Salesforce


With KMTEQ’s model-based approach to automation, you can reuse the same automated tests across Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning, and future versions of Salesforce.


Optimized Salesforce Regression Testing


With KMTEQ’s risk-based test case design tool, you may reduce the size of your test suite by 80% while enhancing business risk coverage.



Console Applications are Tested


Scan console applications like Service Cloud for all controls, such as frame and tab switching, fast actions, and side panels, to capture and automate.


Record Dynamic IDs


Allow KMTEQ’s intelligent object identification to take care of Salesforce dynamic IDs for you.


Get release ready


Always be release-ready with lightning-fast testing that verifies your business processes across Salesforce, custom, and 3rd-party apps.

Enterprise testing for Salesforce and beyond

Your business process tends to extend beyond Salesforce. So should your testing too. With best-in-class features that allow scalability and resiliency across modern enterprises, KMTEQ automates end-to-end business process testing within and outside Salesforce solutions.

Tosca Salesforce Automation

Salesforce end-to-end testing

Tosca Salesforce Automation

Smooth transition to LWC


Takes advantage of our test framework’s unique capabilities to deliver high degrees of maintainable automation for both Classic and Lightning without the requirement for custom development coding or technical expertise. Tests may be built based on any Salesforce configuration and automatically reused between Classic and Lightning.

Our Offerings:

KMTEQ’s Tosca for Salesforce offering includes the following:

  1. We enable automated testing across Salesforce technologies, products, industry clouds, and AppExchange apps, ensuring that your organization continues to run smoothly as your solutions mature.
  2. We make certain that you create the most dependable software deployments possible.
  3. Enhance the software release cycle.
  4. We help you detect faults early on and with high precision.
  5. Validate your information as it flows through Salesforce.
  6. We can assist with your migration process as well by integrity and data quality checks

Why choose KMTEQ? 

  • Automate your Salesforce ecosystem’s testing process.
  • Speed up your release cycles with our superfast testing process.
  • Reduce operation costs with our 90% automation rates.
  • Enhance the quality of software with our testing services.
  • Bigger test coverage with end-to-end testing.

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