Selenium Testing Framework allows you to automate Web application testing for creating scripts. These scripts run against web browsers and virtual machines. The ultimate aim of Selenium Automation Testing Service is to create an eternal impression and drive customers. This tool can be used to save time by running tests on different browsers in several cycles, identifying functional issues in each browser. This also ensures that the tests are run consistently with the same preconditions and expectations. 


With KMTEQ’s Selenium Test Automation you can now automate business processes and reduce complexities of testing processes. Selenium Testing is one among the two model-based automation testing services. 

Prospective Challenges faced without Selenium Testing 

As the digital world expands around, you need an approach to test QA. This will give you an insider analysis of how customers

  • Use your product
  • Their experience with the product

This is a time-intensive and detail-oriented process that needs a testing experience to counter all the potential variables. If you’re not adapting to the process there’s a large impact on your results like

  • Delayed delivery of services
  • Increased operating costs
  • Inability to adapt to the needs of your customer.

How KMTEQ helps you?

We provide you Selenium testing with the latest technologies. Additionally, we help you

  • Improve your business’ ability to adapt to changing business needs
  • Increase the development to speed cycle time
  • Increase the ROI
  • Reuse test library cases for all scenarios
  • Easy integration and continuous management with tools like SauceLans, Bamboo, and Calabash.
  • Architecture components that are on par with your automation requirements
  • Supporting tools that help in your Selenium automation lifecycle.

Services we provide

Data-Driven Automation

Lead with data and be more flexible with your automation process

Advanced Trend Analysis

Real-time analytics and decisive reports to provide you with accurate data

Build and Deploy Automation

Faster testing time to accelerate your GTM strategies

Test Scripting

Crafting frameworks that reduce dependence and time on your engineering resources’

And more…

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