Our Success Stories

Delve into our extensive expertise and successful projects in DotNet, TOSCA, COBOL, and other technologies. Each case study offers an in-depth look at our approach, solutions, and the measurable impact we’ve made for our clients. You’ll find detailed analyses of how we tackled complex challenges, implemented innovative solutions, and delivered outstanding results. Our DotNet case studies highlight robust software development and application performance, while our TOSCA case studies demonstrate our excellence in test automation and quality assurance. Explore these success stories to understand how KMTEQ drives technological advancement and delivers exceptional value across diverse industries.

Catalyzing Efficiency – Streamlining Hiring Processes through Tailored TOSCA Automation 

See how KMTEQ solves and streamlines the automation of the hiring process for one of the “big four accounting firms” leveraging the TOSCA on an existing ServiceNow web application.

Revolutionizing Compliance and Risk Management For a Fortune 500 Company – A KMTEQ Success Story

Explore how the KMTEQ team overcame several hurdles in revolutionizing the client’s Risk and Business Protection process by leveraging .Net technology!